If you are wondering whether you should trade or invest with Bitsolives and whether Bitsolives is the right choice, here are some compelling reasons why we are different, and we are the best in the industry.


  • When you trade or invest with Bitsolives you will have access to expertise of highly qualified and the most experienced fund managers. The experience of the fund manager is certainly key to successful Forex trading and Forex investments.
  • Bitsolives chooses its preferred brokers based on many stringent parameters. Your Funds Are Absolutely Safe
  • Fund safety is always a major concern for all the investors. We are a well-established fund management company serving thousands of worldwide clients. Bitsolives enjoys very good reputation in the industry; we have the trust and confidence of our clients.
  • You can enjoy great peace of mind knowing that your funds are absolutely safe with our preferred brokers and their credibility in the industry is absolutely unquestionable. World-class MT4 Trading Platform along with Social trading combination
  • Bitsolives trades on world's most popular and the most trusted online trading platform MetaTrader4 (MT4). This trading platform gives us advanced trading capabilities and trading tools.
  • All our trading experts are highly conversant with this trading platform. Your funds are therefore in the most capable hands when you invest with Bitsolives. Steady and Reliable Returns
  • Every investor likes to see his or her funds not just grow but multiply and that is what we do at Bitsolives. Your funds will enjoy steady and reliable returns with Bitsolives, you will get exponential returns and we are very consistent in delivering the promised results. The Best Trading Methodology
  • The most experienced team at Bitsolives has developed highly effective in-house trading system. The overall effectiveness of our system and the effectiveness of our methodology have been proven repeatedly.
  • We believe in proven conservative trading strategies which have been empowered by contemporary insights.
  • We leverage the maximum benefits possible from the trading strategies that we use.
  • We never use your investment to experiment on various strategies rather use only strategies that will bring you the exponential returns that we promise.

Personal Customer Service

Our business model at Bitsolives revolves around client satisfaction. We always put our clients first before everything else and give 100% attention to every client. Read More

Fund Management Methodology

One of the most important factors that every investor should pay attention to without fail while choosing their INVESTMENT PACKAGE is fund management team and the trading methodology used by the fund managers. Read More

Risk Management and Strategy

Every investor knows that Forex trading involves market risks and that there are chances to lose money if the funds are not managed effectively. Read More


Bitsolives has been delivering excellent results and the company has been consistent in impressing the clients with its top-notch trading strategies.

Some of the core components of our trading methodology include:

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