We are specialized in Buxcoin

We are an exclusive marketing partner for Buxcoin

We focused on providing investment solutions to the client in buxcoin. Our in-house team in association with Bullinfotech, develops world class trading systems, provide expertise in crypto and FX trading solution to the global platform. We also provide high-volume transaction and automated trading system for global financial markets.

The ultimate aim of Bitsolives is to make buying and selling of Buxcoin as simple as possible for people who wanted a pain-free experience and the fastest transactions.

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What we offer

Getting started with Buxcoin

Making and accepting payments through Buxcoin is a simple and secure process. Best of all, the Buxcoin network is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Strong focus on security

helping you grow your money with us

Bitsolives puts a strong focus on security. Nothing is more important to us than keeping our customers safe and secure while using our service. Using our peer-to-peer Trusted Vendor system means that we do not store any cryptocoins or customers’ money. We use SSL for point-to-point encrypted communications, and store all customer information in a secure database.


Bull Infotech is technology partner of Bitsolives

Intelligent design is to find a perfect balance between the way something looks and how it functions. Bull Infotech specializes in creating Crypto products and pride ourselves in designing a product through our experience. Bull Infotech develop a User Experience that is unique and balances our customers' needs.

What our Customers tells Aboutus

The packages offered by Bitsolvies is awesome. I am benefiting every day by daily pay out. I am happy to recommend this opportunity to others..

Jayaprakash Bitsolives user

I am thankful to this company, has given me financial freedom, I moved on from monthly wage, The daily payout with consistency made me to feel I never been shot of cash for my daily expenses. The return I get from my investment is the best.

Lara Bitsolives user

Have been a part of the Buxcoins mining services for over 3 months now, they have already justified to be a reliable and trustworthy business partner. Their transparent daily mining & referral payouts and high quality software infrastructure has resulted in a great and unique product which is a sure shot profitable experience for everybody interested in bitcoin mining.

georgeuser077 Bitsolives user

Buxcoin is the utmost trusted partner in cloud mining industry business. They have been comprehended all across the globe for its high integrity, excellent customer oriented service along with a very safe and simple user friendly interface.

rmandaro Bitsolives user

Buxcoin is growing, my investment gets paid both in cash and Buxcoin, this is simply awesome. I could make earning as well as the investment. The growth in Buxcoin has already multiplied my income portfolio. Thank you Bitsolvies for giving this opportunity.

kwelch2 Bitsolives user