Welcome to Bitsolives affiliate program! Whether you are an investor or someone who is looking for excellent options to make money online.



  • It is very simple all you have to do is to introduce new clients to Bitsolives. You just need to send us new clients and start making money. You are free to use your own strategies to market our services as a registered Bitsolives affiliate. It can be your friends or acquaintances or your own family members too. When you introduce someone to Bitsolives you are doing a great favor to them because Bitsolives is one of the most trusted funds management companies that offers excellent returns on client's investment.
  • When you introduce new clients to our company, you will be able to enjoy non-stop affiliate bonus as long as the clients that you introduce us keep trading using our services. So, unlike many other affiliate programs, the reward does not stop with one-time commissions. You will earn an ongoing residual income besides the returns that you are getting from your own investments.
  • Moreover, you should be happy that you are introducing one of the best service providers in the segment to your friends and family.

Our affiliate program has been very carefully designed to ensure that the program creates an excellent win-win platform for both affiliates and for the company. If you are looking for sustained income generation options, then choose our lucrative affiliate program. You will be able to enjoy ongoing income to supplement your investment returns. The company does not place any cap on the highest level of recurring income that you can enjoy. This simply means that you can introduce as many clients as you like and increase your residual income. The best part with Bitsolives affiliate program is that your efforts pay you rich and lasting dividends.
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